About Us

Hello! We’re Haaris and Haseeb and we founded Extreme Fit. We’d like to tell you our story…

About 4 years ago, our mom traveled home on a very long flight from an overseas trip in Asia. When she got home, her legs and feet were swollen and sore, so much so that we actually had to take her to an Urgent Care! The doctor recommended that she get compression socks to not only to help with her current discomfort and speed up her recovery, but also to wear them as a preventative measure on future flights. He told us all about the benefits of compression and how it improved circulation to bolster the body’s natural healing and recovery process.

When we got to the local corner pharmacy to get a pair for our mom, we noticed that all the compression socks they had in stock were in plain white, black, or this horrible beige color. When we asked if they ever had any other styles or colors available, we were met with confused looks from the sales clerks. This is when we had our “A-Ha!” moment…

Why not create a line of compression socks with stylish, trendy and fashionable designs? Why not market the benefits of compression to not only those who need them for medicinal purposes, but to a wider consumer base that could also benefit from compression. Athletes, nurses, travelers, mail carriers, construction workers… anyone who is on their feet all day or just wants improved circulation in their legs and feet!

When our mom began to show rapid signs of improvement, our decision was clear and Extreme Fit was born.

With over 15 years of product development, sourcing and distribution experience, we set off to transform the world of compression. What started off as one style in our first year, has morphed into over 75 different styles with multiple sub-brands & specialty socks.

And we’re just getting started!

Whether you’re a 35 yr old mom caring for your new born, or a 75yr old grandpa taking a grandchild out for ice cream… Whether you’re a nurse on your feet all day or a stock broker behind a desk all day… Whether you’re an elite athlete looking for increased performance, or a dad coaching little league… You can experience the benefits of compression in style!

At Extreme Fit, our love for health and wellness (and our mom!) drives who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We want to help everyone be the best they can be. Our performance-enhancing products will help you perform better, feel better, and be better while at the same time helping you look your best!