Post-Workout Ritual

Post-Workout Ritual

Taking care of your body after a workout is almost as important as the workout itself. So how can we help?

1. Compression

Do you know how your mom would make you “compress” a swollen ankle and keep it elevated? Think of us as your mom. Our True-Graduated Compression can help tired, sore muscles recover much quicker after a workout.

Why? That damn gravity. Muscles in your feet, legs, and lower extremities are often likely to suffer swelling and poor circulation after a good workout.

2. Hydrate

Drinking proper amounts of water and hydrating can help prevent cramping. “Drinking water after you exercise helps you to replace the fluids lost during physical activity to ensure you stay properly hydrated.” - Livestrong

3. Cool Down/Stretching

Another must. Cooling down is vital for cardiovascular and mental recovery. It also helps to normalize muscle length, tension and increase circulation.

Remember - swelling causes pain, not vice versa.