Are Compression Socks For Me?

Are Compression Socks For Me?

The days of only doctors prescribing their patients to wear compression socks are over. More and more people are starting to include these socks in their everyday life. From working, working out, to traveling.

1. For Moms-To-Be

It is important for you to stay as healthy as possible during your pregnancy, and the start of this can be with socks! It is known that pregnancy plays a roll in the development of varicose veins and women who are pregnant, especially in their last term, are at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis due to the increased blood volume. The socks are a preventative for these issues and they also help with swelling in the feet, ankles, and lower legs by squeezing these areas to prevent a buildup of fluid. Do your legs feel tired, achy & heavy? Try out a pair of Extreme Fit Compression socks to alleviate some of that discomfort!

2. For Travelers

Are you traveling for leisure and or work often? Constantly being up in the air comes with a major risk of blood clotting in your legs due to the reduction of circulation in your legs from sitting so long. Walking around a busy airport, to and from your flights, can cause your legs to feel extremely fatigued. Studies show that tired legs make your brain tired too which can be no good if you’re hopping off of your flight straight to a meeting, compression socks help with that by keeping your blood circulating to your heart which will keep you feeling more energized and ready to take on whatever it is you’re doing post flight!

3. For Professionals On Their Feet All Day

This one is for the Doctors, Nurses, Baristas, Retail Workers, and Servers just to name a few. Being on your feet for a long period of time causes soreness so bad sometimes you can’t focus as much on why you’re on your feet, your job! Thousands of foot injuries are reported each year due to being on your feet for too long. It starts with swollen feet, hurting shins and ankles, and can eventually lead to long term back issues. Compression Socks can help reduce these issues and rejuvenate and return energy back to your feet.

4. For Working Out

Wearing Compression socks during a workout can be just as important as wearing them after! Compression socks during a workout can keep your comfort maximized, reducing shin splints, cramping, and tired legs, which will allow your brain to focus on what you’re there to be doing, getting a good hard workout in!

Wearing them after a workout helps immensely with muscle recovery. Compression socks can make sore muscles feel way better. Studies have shown that active compression can help stimulate the flow of lymph fluids, which carry important nutrients to damaged tissues and remove cellular waste.

You have the world at your feet. So, take care of your legs when constantly standing up, sitting still, sweating it out and flying high. We make it easy to energize and heal your body from the outside in so you can stand taller and move farther. Extreme Fit Compression Socks support you every step of the way with smart compression fabric that looks as good as it feels!